“Do all you can with what you have, in the time you have, in the place you are.” - Nkosi Johnson

Our Mission

The Marine Nunn Education Fund (MNEF) was established to bring about awareness to the benefits of education, as well as provide individuals with the encouragement, information and assistance they would need to achieve the tutelage required to succeed in today’s world.

We are a non-profit community-based organization. Our Mission and focused interest is in helping to provide supplemental academic needs to children and their families. MNEF is dedicated to providing professional, convenient and innovatively advanced school-age assistance year round, while delivering recognizably high-quality supporter programs to the children, families and communities we serve.



Be a Scholar

Don't let these words stop you from pursuing the endless possibilities awaiting you at MNEF! Flexibility is one of the KEY benefits of our non-profit organization. Here, you will find Opportunity Scholarships to help make your education more affordable. And you may apply whenever the need arises during your time as a student. Some restrictions will apply, based on financial needs. All funds are non-refundable and students who are awarded are not required to repay the monies granted.  

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Support A Scholar

The MNEF Scholar Program is as much about fostering relationships among Scholars, alumni  and families as it is a program servicing crucial financial aid needs. At MNEF, your Scholar will be encouraged to correspond with you over the course of the year. And as a parent or guardian, your connection has an immediate and lifelong impact on your Scholars life. Lengthy applications are not required at MNEF, and you will find eligibility is not confined to just the neediest of students. The support you have to offer your Scholars will enable them to advance and grow as dynamic contributors to their community and society.

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Get Involved

MNEF: Connecting People in Need with People Who Care. MNEF is in search of Volunteers at all capacities. We believe reformation and transformation of a society can only become evident in the presence of information. And you mentor, good listener, retired business man/woman are carrying a wealth of information. So become an MNEF Volunteer and begin sharing your knowledge, achievements and successes with students who need to hear words of encouragement. Education IS the Key that unlocks doors and sets minds free and by investing your Time and Tutorship into our Scholars will help them to discover their own strengths. Your knowledge, work habits and decision-making process are the vital tools they will need to succeed in life. Become the powered-engine that helps transform the future of MNEF Scholars!

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