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Targeting The Need that's Closest to Your Heart


Education is expensive today. As result, your donation oftentimes will mean our students will be able to remain in school and meet the demands of K-college preparatory, college and/or university level expectations. Tuition, books and other school supplies or school uniforms may be beyond the reach of many families.  

When you support Education through the Marine Nunn Education Fund, you help make sure students continue their growth through education. Your contributions mean children and young adults can further their education into secondary schools, technical schools or even university programs.

MNEF awards money for education on a competitive basis. Students are chosen based on need, commitment to achieving educational goals, leadership and interest in community service.

In order for our students to receive a scholarship, they must:

  • Maintain satisfactory grades
  • Participate in service projects within the MNEF community
  • Serve as positive role models and mentors to younger children



Some of our students may be living in poverty areas. This oftentimes mean they are also living under unhealthy conditions with limited access to the basic needs those more fortunate sometimes take for granted.

When you target your donation toward our students’ health, mental health and well being, you support MNEF’s efforts to deal with basic community detriments. YOU are helping us to address the underlying causes which may limit the people we serve.

Some of the help your Health/Well Being donation provides:

  • Hygiene education
  • Character building and speaker training
  • Equipment and therapeutic services for sponsored family and friends with disabilities
  • Nutrition education, supplements and vitamins



The Marine Nunn Education Fund’s Group-based Funding donation gives philanthropists a creative way of helping our students out of poverty through education.

These group-based models are built up of at least two or more donors who have come together to apply their giving and/or other services as one. For example, some Group-based Funders will create an “In-care-of MNEF account” which is to be used to supply financial services to low-income MNEF students while in college or prep-school. We enable small groups of philanthropists to develop their own practical bank means aimed at generating income for MNEF students, the needs found in their homes and/or communities. Each MNEF Group-based Funding group will meet regularly to support one another in bringing their joint goals to light.

Some of the help your Group-based Funding donation will provide:

  • Additional skills training (, such as learning a new/foreign languages)
  • Support traveling/internships/housing and board while visiting foreign countries
  • Alternative tools needed for a trade (, such as computers, I-pads, additional software programs)



Your donation to the areas where help is needed immediately will cover direct support that our regular sponsorship funds may not be able to address, like medical needs while an MNEF student is at college, emergency transportation, housing securities and reparations.

If you’re already a sponsor, we’ll make sure your donation gets to the program that serves your sponsored student and expectations.

If you decided to go with the Group-based Funding program and sponsorship (i.e., a group formed to support one or more students), MNEF will divide your contributions equally among the students/classes that serve them, unless you inform us otherwise.

You can also choose to target your contribution as you complete the process found in the “CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO OUR FUND” button above. Either way, your help makes a difference!


Thank you for your support,