Tips on how to Create a Proper Learning Environment

Parents and guardians are the "first-watch teachers" in a student's learning process. A student's environment will play a large part on how he/she studies and learn. This is where an enriched learning environment begins, as it is the place such defined roles and responsibilities begins. Below are just a few tips on how to create and maintain a proper learning environment at home and abroad:

  • Ensure that the student you care about and is under your watch gets the support they need to excel in education
  • Encourage good study habits from an early age
  • Establish a regular time for homework and study. If there is no expectation that a student do their homework at a certain time each day, they won't get into the routine
  • Help your student focus by providing a well-lit work area
  • Eliminate visual distractions such as clutter in the workspace
  • Turn off the TV, radio and all other disruptive sounds in order to eliminate as much noise as possible so your student is able to concentrate
  • Provide the necessary tools (newspapers, books, letters, forms, paper, pencils, computer, etc.) so your student's homework time will not be interrupted by having to search for supplies


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