101 Years; “A Celebration of Life”

The Early Years

Marine was born in the early 1900s in Mississippi. Marine, the eldest of 9 children was considered to be outgoing, smart, disciplined and a very determined child. Her childhood consisted of working in the fields, attending school and rearing her many siblings. Marine graduated from high school and taught elementary school for several years in Mississippi. In the early 1930’s, Marine married her husband, Andrew Nunn. Soon after Marine and Andrew started their family with birth of their daughter, and later they would have four more children.


Big City: Kansas City

Like many African-Americans of the time, Andrew and Marine moved north in search of a better life. Andrew found employment at a clothing factory.  Marine completed Home Care Nursing School in Kansas City and worked as an adult care nurse for a number of prominent Kansas City businessmen and their families.

After years of hard work, they purchased a home and eventually paid off their mortgage and began their retirement life. They loved gardening and were the first in their area to have a “community garden”. Andrew passed away in the early 2000s.  He was a great father and husband. Andrew always said, “The key to doing well is to work hard and stand up for yourself”. In the second decade of the 2000s, Marine joined Andrew in heaven after over 60 years of marriage.

Marine the Woman, Recognized for her Focus on Education

During her 101 years of life, Marine accomplished some extraordinary things.  Marine raised 5 children who all completed their secondary education. Two of her children went on to receive post-secondary degrees.  Many of her grandchildren have also achieved educational success.  Marine supported her family and friends with her time, money and encouraging words of how important education is to a person’s life success. She would always say, “Education is the Key to Success”.

She traveled extensively, including trips to Rockford IL, Los Angeles and San Francisco CA, Memphis TN, Cleveland OH, Denver and Colorado Springs CO, St. Louis MO, Dallas TX, Des Moines IA and back home to Mississippi.  

Marine resided in her home for over 45 years and was an independent thinker who enjoyed life.

Interesting Facts about Marine

  • She is a devout Republican, (Now we know who to thank for electing Bush)
  • She was very knowledgeable about Rap music.  She still had the first Sugar Hill Gang album.  She had a zest for life and yes, she told an occasional "dirty joke"
  • Her favorite sayings were, "Ain't nothing going on but the rent, and it's been paid" and "I don't want anything old, but money"
  • She could not drive, although she was known to drive many people crazy to get to her destinations in a flash
  • She was an excellent Bingo player, this talent accounted for her great ability to find and count money!
  • Her eldest son, Lewis, in recognition of Marine’s continued support of family and friends pursuing their educational goals founded the Marine Nunn Education Fund